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Math 6 | Academics | Middle School | The American School in Japan

Course: Mathematics 6                                           2003-2004

Teachers: Ginny Allen and Derrel Fincher

Course Materials: Connected Mathematics Unit Textbooks and a variety of other materials.

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Course Description:

Problem solving situations, which emphasize thinking, reasoning, and communication, motivate the need for new mathematical skills and ideas. Sixth-grade learners will solve such problems both individually and in cooperative groups. The process of writing to explain their thinking clarifies learners’ ideas and deepens understanding of mathematical concepts. Course materials integrate manipulatives and technology.

Number Theory: Greatest common factor/least common multiple, prime numbers, divisibility rules.

Number Sense: Whole numbers, fractions/ratio/proportion, decimals, percents; deciding when to use pencil/paper, calculator, estimation or mental math.

Measurement: Estimating, measuring, discovering patterns to create formulas, area, perimeter, volume.

Data Analysis: Data gathering, surveys, analyzing and presenting data, graphing, and making predictions.

Logic: patterns and logic problems.

Patterns, Functions, Algebra Concepts: Generalizing and extending patterns, exponents, order of operations.

Note: The most important concepts and skills appear again and again in different units. This allows learners to see topics from many points of view, over a longer stretch of time. Computation skills will be practiced regularly, however this class does not emphasize speedy manipulation or rote memorization, but a deeper understanding of mathematics.

Goals for Learners:

Positive Mathematical Attitude: Develops motivation, curiosity, perseverance, risk-taking, flexibility, self-responsibility, self-confidence, and an appreciation for mathematics and its connections to the world around us.

Classroom Learning Behaviors: Comes prepared for class, uses class time well, asks questions, shows desire to learn, completes assignments carefully, uses math manipulatives responsibly, and demonstrates organizational skills.

Communications – Written and Oral: Shares solutions, explains thinking, listens to others’ ideas, contributes to class discussions, cooperates with group members, reflects on and clarifies writing to make sure it makes sense, organizes work, uses manipulatives, drawings, and graphs to model mathematical concepts.

Problem Solving: Shows persistence, uses more than one approach, looks for patterns and relationships, and checks for reasonableness of solutions.


Assessments: projects, tests, quizzes, write-ups, and other performance tasks.

Problem-solving: stumpers, complex multi-day problems, cooperative and individual problem solving, problems of the day, week, month.

Daily work: in-class work, homework, journal entries, and warm-ups.

Learning dynamics: self-evaluation, quest for understanding, communication, cooperation, desire for learning.

Materials Required for Class:

  • Binder
  • Math journal
  • Unit textbook
  • Calculator
  • Writing instrument
  • Glue stick
  • Small Ruler
  • Colored pencils
  • Colored markers
  • Lined paper


  • Homework typically takes 30-60 minutes between class sessions.
  • All work must be shown for every assignment. In addition, most assignments will require you to explain your thinking.
  • It is your responsibility to get your assignments when absent. They can be found on the Internet.

Please feel free to call or E-mail us about any concerns you or your child may have. We encourage students to call at night if they have questions about the homework assignment. They can find the homework on our web site.

  Ginny Allen Derrel Fincher
School: 0422-34-5300 ext. 642 0422-34-5300 ext. 422


0422-31-0270 (before 9 p.m.)

042-362-4314 (before 9 p.m.)



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Math 6

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